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Microstructures innovation recognized as industry “game-changer”

Dr. King’s innovation of microstructing surfaces was recently selected by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers as one of the “2011 Innovations That Could Change the Way You Manufacture.” This award is given to new and emerging technologies that are making a difference in manufacturing.  Surfaces could be microstructured to reduce friction in and between machine […]

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The world’s first diamond nanoprobe tips demonstrate success in nanomanufacturing

In their groundbreaking work, researchers at Illinois, the Naval Research Laboratory, the University of  Pennsylvania, and Advanced Diamond Technologies (ADT), have demonstrated that nanometer-scale diamond tips exhibit unparalleled wear resistance, stability and anti-fouling capabilities under extremely harsh conditions. Publication available here.

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Heated atomic force microscope makes 12nm graphene circuits

Heated atomic force microscope (AFM) tips were used to produce graphene features as narrow as 12nm on an insulating surface of graphene oxide. Publication available here.

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Nanoscale Thermo-Chemical Processing

Mechanical Science and Engineering professor William King and post doctoral associate Zhenting Dai demonstrated nanoscale chemical surface patterning of different chemical species in independent nanopatterns by the iterative application of thermochemical nanolithography. Publication available here.

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Nanotechnology heaters and thermometers for thermal processing of nanomaterials

While most previous research on this kind of microcantilever heaters and thermometers used device elements that were several micrometers in size, researchers have now reported an approach to fabricate a 100 nanometer-sized heater/thermometer using contact photolithography and controlled annealing conditions.

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Under pressure at the nanoscale, polymers play by different rules

A research group lead by professor William P. King has discovered that polymers do not play by the rules at very short length scales .

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